Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
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Organic Cotton Eye Pillow (Flaxseed & Dry Lavender), Olive Leaf - Ekotex Yoga
Organic Cotton Eye Pillows (Flaxseed & Dry Lavender)- Ekotex Yoga
Ekotex Yoga

Olive Leaf Organic Cotton Eye Pillow (Flaxseed & Dry Lavender) - Ekotex Yoga

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Deepen your relaxation with one of our dried lavender and linseed filled Eye Pillows! Sewn from organic cotton, the outer cover can easily be removed and washed as frequently as you need.

The linseed provides mild pressure on the eyes to help with deepening relaxation in savasana or after a stressful day at the office! For a cooling effect, you can always pop these in the fridge too!


Product details
Colour: Olive leaf
Size: 23.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 3 cm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Material: Organic cotton, dried lavender, linseed


Ekotex are a UK brand that make a simple range of affordable yoga equipment, in gorgeous colours.

Ekotex produce with the environment in mind. 'We believe that you need very little to do yoga; our props are there as tools to support the practice.'

'All our cotton goods are GOTS certified organic. GOTS certification can only be achieved if specific social criteria are met; it ensures everyone who works on our products is paid fairly and works in a safe environment.'

'There are very few yoga products on the market that are genuinely environmentally friendly. It is my belief that the industry needs to provide consumers with a better option. That is my ambition and is what Ekotex Yoga strives to achieve.'

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