Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
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Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolster in Coral - Ekotex Yoga
Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolsters - Ekotex Yoga
Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolster - Ekotex Yoga
Ekotex Yoga

Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bolster, Coral - Ekotex Yoga

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Ekotex Yoga's hand-made organic cotton buckwheat bolsters are a BEST SELLING product. This organic cotton buckwheat bolster in a coral colour is perfect for your restorative practice, meditation and general body support.

Ekotex Yoga bolsters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe.


  • The cover is easy to remove, and machine washable (includes a stitched handle)
  • Organic cotton, buckwheat husk - an entirely eco-friendly product.
  • You can also unzip the inner to add or remove filling for optimum comfort.
  • The organic cotton is of fantastic quality.

What is inside a yoga bolster?
Ekotex Yoga use buckwheat over kapok, cotton or human-made foam. They last FAR longer, sculpt to the body and are entirely natural. Buckwheat grains mould perfectly to the body offering firm support and heat retention – as well as being exceptionally durable – unlike cotton bolsters these will never lose their shape!

Product details
Colour: Coral
Size: 61 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm
Weight: 4.2kg
Material: Organic cotton and buckwheat husk


Ekotex are a UK brand that make a simple range of affordable yoga equipment, in gorgeous colours.

Ekotex produce with the environment in mind. 'We believe that you need very little to do yoga; our props are there as tools to support the practice.'

'All our cotton goods are GOTS certified organic. GOTS certification can only be achieved if specific social criteria are met; it ensures everyone who works on our products is paid fairly and works in a safe environment.'

'There are very few yoga products on the market that are genuinely environmentally friendly. It is my belief that the industry needs to provide consumers with a better option. That is my ambition and is what Ekotex Yoga strives to achieve.'

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