Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
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Ocean Organic Cotton Buckwheat Yoga Bolster - Ekotex Yoga
Organic Cotton Buckwheat Yoga Bolster - Ekotex Yoga
Ekotex Yoga

Ocean Organic Cotton Buckwheat Yoga Bolster - Ekotex Yoga

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Offering comfortable support for your restorative yoga practice. Our organic cotton & buckwheat bolsters are our BEST SELLING product; we believe this is one of the best available in the UK.

  • Filled with buckwheat hulls.
  • Zipped inner and outer covers to add or remove filling for optimum comfort.
  • Made with GOTS certified organic cotton - ensuring fantastic quality and ethical production.
  • Convenient carry handle.
  • The outer cover is easy to remove and machine washable.
  • Zero plastic packaging from start-finish in our supply chain. All bolsters arrive wrapped in brown paper.

The best organic materials
We use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton twill. Our bolsters are designed with a cotton twill fabric, a robust weave, ensuring a long lifespan. It is soft and soothing to the touch. Filled with buckwheat hulls, providing firm support. The main benefit of buckwheat filled bolsters (aside from being entirely natural and eco-friendly!) over cotton or human-made polyester/recron filling is that the hull moulds to your body shape. Allowing you to sink deeply, breathe, and truly relax - feeling entirely supported.

How to use a yoga bolster
Yoga bolsters can be used to support any yoga practice, but they are predominantly used for restorative and yin yoga. They are used for supported gentle twists, supported backbends and supported forward folds. They are also the perfect height for use as a meditation bench.

Product care
Buckwheat hulls can be removed using the inner zip if you wish for a slightly softer cushion. When you receive your new yoga bolster, you will find that it is very firm. We pack our bolsters tightly as the fabric can stretch ever so slightly with use. This ensures that your bolster maintains firm support and will not begin to sag. We recommend using your bolster for a few weeks before removing any hulls. If you do remove any, try to store them in case you change your mind! The outer cover is machine washable at 40 C. You can tumble dry on a cool setting and iron on a warm setting. We supply spare covers in the case of a spill or if you need to continue using your bolster while your cover is in the wash!

Made by our long-term partner in India. As a GOTS registered supplier, they ensure all employees are paid fairly and work in good conditions.

Made with organic cotton, filled with buckwheat hulls.

Recyclable, plastic-free packaging - wrapped in brown paper, paper tape and cardboard.

Product details
Colour: Ocean
Size: 61 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm
Weight: 4.2kg
Material: Organic cotton twill and buckwheat hulls


Ekotex are a UK brand that make a simple range of affordable yoga equipment, in gorgeous colours.

Ekotex produce with the environment in mind. 'We believe that you need very little to do yoga; our props are there as tools to support the practice.'

'All our cotton goods are GOTS certified organic. GOTS certification can only be achieved if specific social criteria are met; it ensures everyone who works on our products is paid fairly and works in a safe environment.'

'There are very few yoga products on the market that are genuinely environmentally friendly. It is my belief that the industry needs to provide consumers with a better option. That is my ambition and is what Ekotex Yoga strives to achieve.'

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