Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
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Bamboo Mini Round White Small Hand Woven Basket with Lid - Handed By
Hand Woven Bamboo Mini Round Lidded Baskets - Handed By
Handed By

Bamboo Mini Round, White, Small - Handed By

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This beautiful Bamboo Mini round in a white colour and small size is part of the Bamboolastic range, a beautiful collection of hand-woven bamboo storage baskets by Handed By.

It makes a handy storage basket with a natural look. The basket is made of the environmentally friendly material bamboo and is key in creating an ambiance in the interior. The graphic pattern exists of 70% recycled plastic. The circular lid easily seals the basket and safely stores your items out of sight. Useful and beautiful!

Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly type of wood. The bamboo gets chopped at harvest, but its roots will be retained so the bamboo can grow again. The plant doesn’t die. As a result bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than ordinary wood, so no forests will be lost. Furthermore, bamboo is light, strong and maintenance free.

Feel the Asian culture, the lightness and its strength. Welcome to the world of Bamboolastic. A series of baskets. The Bamboolastic collection is a show piece in every household. These baskets are made of bamboo and 70% recycled plastic.

Product details
Colour: White
Size: Small
Height 14cm
Width 19cm
Depth 19cm
Material: Bamboo, PE (70% recycled plastic)


Handed By is a leading brand in woven baskets, bags and home accessories. Handmade of materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The products are of superior quality.

Handed By design is recognisable by the unique trademark stamp in the form of a handprint. 'Everything we put our hands to is manufactured ethically and is guaranteed 100% free of child labour. Our greatest passion is basketry from recycled plastic. We are fascinated by this traditional craft technique using modern waste materials. We are proud that so many people consciously choose an original Handed By product.'

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