Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
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A5 Soul Sisters Signed Print - Daisy Jubilee
Daisy Jubilee

A5 Soul Sisters Signed Print - Daisy Jubilee

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Artwork digitally printed on 330gsm paper in Wells, Somerset. A5 size 15 x 21cm Original artwork by Daisy Jubilee.

We’re born into our family of origin, the first social group we ever belong to. As time goes on we find our soul families, the people we feel a deep connection to, who see who we are and love us unconditionally.

Where would we be without our soul sisters? They listen when we’re on our knees believing and seeing only in our capacity to rise up. They gently whisper keep going, I believe in you.

It’s with this magical relationship I created the soul sister artwork with the intention that we, as a community, can acknowledge our soul family through sending a card or a picture so they may know all that they mean to you.

There is so much power in the humble acknowledgment of someone’s sweetest gifts and why you choose them to be part of your sense of belonging. The “soul sister’ card is created for you to share your appreciation.

Hey beloveds, I’m Daisy Jubilee

My whole life has been about mastering creativity and embodying spirituality. I was born to a pair of freedom seeking creatives, in a squat in London’s east end on Jubilee Street. I have childhood memories of turps, jazz and spying on my mothers women’s circles.

Holidays were rambles deep into nature, with a year long trip to India visiting yoga ashrams, Buddhist monasteries and temples. My childhood set me up for an intrigue for the spiritual and bohemian. Once surviving the painstaking, even damaging experience of school, my path led me to the completion of an MA sponsored by the British Fashion Council at the Royal College of Art, where I was trained in my sovereignty as a designer and an artist.

I went on to work within the fashion industry at the likes of Louis Vuitton, Top shop, Liberty London and I also had my own collection which was featured in the national press.

Parallel to my studies I became unwell with chronic fatigue and severe anxiety which triggered a re-awakening of the knowledge gained in my childhood. While my peers partied I set on a deep healing and spiritual path. Here began my personal journey of both participating in and hosting meditation circles.

Life continued to throw challenges my way pushing me deeper into my own healing and faith in transformation whatever the circumstance. Now my spiritual and creative path is an art form I have mastered. Combined with a steadfast connection to spirit, I tap into this Source for every decision I make. It guided me to make the following choice: I am only available for truth, compassion, authenticity, love and above all, total connection to Divinity.

Would you like to join me in exploring what choices you’re ready to make for yourself? Join my women's circles.

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