Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
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7" Sisal Basket - Kabisa
Sisal Baskets - Kabisa
7" Sisal Basket - Kabisa

7" Sisal Basket - Kabisa

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These beautiful 7” x 7” Baskets of Abundance are made from the Sisal plant, a robust crop the copes well in arid conditions. They are made by members of the Tumaini Basket Weavers from the Maungu region of Kenya. Each one is unique, just like the women who made them.

Perfect for plants (put a plate or bag under the pot before putting into the basket), great for storing all sorts and they fold reasonably flat so are suitable for posting.

Please note this is for a single basket only, the design sent will be chosen at random. If you have a preference then please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee which design you will receive.

Materials: Sisal.

Launched in 2018 as a social enterprise by founder Victoria, our aim is to promote and market a beautiful collection of high-quality crafts and homeware made by East African women’s groups. Kabisa and the women’s groups work collaboratively so as to increase fairly traded sales on a wider scale. The world over, financial independence for women enables choices and therefore, liberation and empowerment.

As in any language, the meaning of a word varies greatly depending on its context. ‘Kabisa’ is a term of acknowledgment, frequently used in Kiswahili as a way of expressing complete agreement. For those who know, it’s all about the tone. Direct translations of ‘Kabisa’ are; completely, wholly, entirely or absolutely.

We believe ‘Kabisa’ encapsulates our ethos of honouring the makers and their communities ‘absolutely’.

Our profits are directed towards;
• Upskilling unemployed young Kenyan women, so as to increase self-employment.
• Increasing agricultural and livestock projects for those living within Kenya national park territory who encounter human wildlife conflict, and the implications of climate change, on a daily basis.

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