Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
Honey on the Hill is a beautiful boutique on a pretty little cobbled hill in Frome, Somerset, UK
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Goddess Ritual Kit - Bohobo Aromatherapies
Bohobo Aromatherapies

Goddess Ritual Kit - Bohobo Aromatherapies

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Oh my goddess!

Equally for fully fledged or goddesses in training, this ritual box is bursting with practical holistic ritual and joy.

containing -

  • Goddesss Mask
  • Goddess Bath
  • Goddess Candle
  • Abhyanga Oil 
  • Natural Rose Quartz Crystal 
  • Goddess Ritual Card

Goddess Bath
Magnesium flakes and organic rose petals are waiting inside this jar for you. Add a scoop or two of Goddess Bath to a tub of warm water, light the goddess candle and be enveloped in celestial love. Transdermal magnesium absorption is a great way to up magnesium levels, which are amazing for improving sleep, busting stress and improving all over health.

Goddess Mask
A little water added to the divine mix of pink clay and organic coconut milk makes a paste that is great for all skin types. Mindfully paint your face. Feel the sensations of love and care as you do. When you are ready, run a face cloth in warm water and gently rub off in circular motions. Your skin will feel heavenly (for extra specialness on a Sunday you can add a little honey, yoghurt, a cooled camomile tea or a splash of rose water). Make it your own.

Goddess Candles
Our natural handmade aromatherapy candles now come in little tins. These delicious candles are beautiful, handy, and healing. Made from pure sustainable coconut wax, essential oil mix of eucalyptus, lavender, pink grapefruit, black pepper, clary sage and rose geranium.

Abhyanga Oil
Performing abhyanga in ritual is giving and receiving love. It is a grounding practice that produces deep feelings of being held and loved.
We start at our ankles, and with oil warmed in our hands, we make circles feeling our skin, our flesh and our journeys, edging deeper within ourselves and honouring our experiences and subtle energies.
If we feel it we can use a mantra, as simple as Mmmmmm or as poetic as we wish.
Made with all organic oils - sesame, virgin avocado, apricot kernel, cedar wood, ylang ylang, cardamom, clove and sweet orange.

Bohobo Aromatherapies make natural handmade aromatherapy based products and organic skincare in Frome, Somerset.

'Bohobo grew out of a shared desire to slow down and spend as much time with our daughters as possible.' B studied aromatherapy 25 years ago and began making Bohobo Aromatherapies products in 2014. 'Our products (and lives) are both constant and evolving and follow an organic holistic approach. In 2015 we began adding Ayurvedic elements and crystal infusion to the blends and focusing on how daily ritual can greatly enhance living'.

These are beautiful to give as a gift of wellbeing. Find them on instagram and look out for B's IGTV and future events too at @bohoboaromatherapies

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