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Welcome to Honey on the Hill, Frome, Somerset, UK
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Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - LADY apothecary
Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - LADY apothecary
Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - LADY apothecary
Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - LADY apothecary
Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - LADY apothecary
LADY apothecary

Aphrodite Adaptogenic Powder Drink - 100g Miron Glass Jar - LADY apothecary

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Aphrodite ~

The Greek Goddess of Love.

Raw Peruvian Cacao Boosted with Adaptogens (Ashwagandha, Maca, Chaga mushroom), Moroccan Rose and Bourbon Vanilla.

Can be whisked into hot milk for an instant Adaptogenic hot chocolate.

Also a brilliant addition stirred into ice cream, yoghurt, baking, smoothies, oats, rice pudding…

* See below for more ideas.

For intensional regular consumption, to keep our nerves soothed & for times when you need some extra support and comfort, on those days where we might feel overwhelmed…especially during our moon time, a cosy cup of Aphrodite.

Purposely unsweetened, but sweet enough to hit those sugar cravings.

Pesticide-free, All Natural, Dairy free and Vegan.

Caffeine free, *Contains theobromine naturally in Cacao.


Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, sex & fertility.

This formula contains adaptogens, which build resilience to stress, support the Immune system, increase circulation & promote fertility.

The herbs in this formula have been carefully selected to create a blend that embodies all things love…

~ Libido & sexual desire

~ Sowing the seeds of Fertility

~ Grief & loss

~ Sexual performance

~ Anxiety & Exhaustion

~ Hormone Balancing


100g jar / 3.5 oz

Servings 20, Serv. Size: 5g (2 Tsp).


~ 100% Pure Herbal medicine

~ Always Pesticide-free


~ Herbal Practitioner Formulated

~ Vegan

~ Dairy Free

~ Never any additives, fillers, starches, synthetic ingredients & gluten containing ingredients.


 Serving suggestions •  2 tsp.




Whisk 2 tsp in to warm milk.

Serve in your favourite cup.

Sweeten to taste (Optional)

*A small amount of sediment is normal, due to this being a natural product. Strain if desired.


~ Try ICED?

For a summer drink...

Whisk/blend 2 tsp into warm milk, wait for it to cool down, pour over ice.

( I often make a litre & keep it in the fridge for a few days).


Other ideas

~ Whisk 1-2 tsp into your morning oats

~ Add to cooked rice pudding, to make a chocolate rice pudding

~ Add to your smoothie with berries and plant based milk for a cacao treat. (Smoothie bowl)

~ Add to raw date bites (raw baking)

~ Whisk 1 tsp with a little water and honey to make a paste and apply as a face mask.

~ Add 2 tsp to mashed up avocado for an instant chocolate mousse.



Jars ~ The ultimate glass for storing & keeping herbs fresh.

*Miron glass only allows non visible violet & infrared light waves through and prevents visible light spectrums which protects the herbs, offering a long shelf life by keeping them fresh & prevents degradation (prevents moulds, bacteria and viruses).



Theobroma cacao ~ Raw Peruvian Cacao

Withania somnifera ~ Ashwagandha root,

Lepidium meyenii ~ Maca root,

Inonotus obliquus ~ Wild Canadian Chaga,

Rosa damascena ~  Moroccan Rose petal

Vanilla planifolia ~ Madagascan Bourbon



*If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications, please consult a healthcare practitioner before adding these herbs into your diet.

This product is not intended to treat or cure disease.

Emma Marigold is a Medical Herbalist BSc and has been studying Health for 10 years. Where West meets East, Emma practices Western Herbal Medicine, a science which originates from Ancient Greece & Ayurvedic Medicine from India.
The project began with a desire to create herbal medicine that is pleasurable & becomes part of an effortless daily routine, rather than feeling like a chore. Values which she learnt when living in India, where her own healing began, adding herbal powders into milk to create delicious tonic drinks. Learning our ancestors' wisdom, knitting that together with today science and integrating that into modern ritual. Thus, LADY apothecary was born.
The product range is continually growing and the aim is always to move away from symptom suppressing and moving towards root cause & preventative health.

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